Once upon a time …

The Torrente Ruin Pub opened in 2018 for the 20th anniversary of the first part of the Torrente movies in collaboration with the famous film director and actor of Spain, Santiago Segura. You can find us in Tenerife, Playa de las Americas. In the heart of the city, if I want to be very prosy.

Prepare yourself that we are not a regular restaurant or bar! We provide the finest and unique transition between street food restaurant and cocktail bar.

We are proudly present our peerless dining experience of American- Hungarian and Spanish fusion street food paired with our classic and signature cocktails which have been created from many countries’ experiences. Here nothing is ordinary but extraordinary as everything based on our own recipes which have developed with the highest degree of competence and spiced with a lot of joy and passion. Here you find anything you like, from gourmet Spanish styled bocadillos to 100% homemade burgers to traditional Hungarian dishes and of course we are working with the freshest and local ingredients without exception.

A place that perfectly combines the true feeling of the Torrente movies and the Ruin Pub ambience. The atmosphere at first glance may seem somewhat disassociated from reality, but this was our goal when we started renovating in 2017. Coming here you can feel yourself as part of the movie (due to the dozens of paintings, quotes, decorations and sculptures that come from the movie) . The name of «Ruin Pub», if you have not heard of it, is a world-famous Hungaricum, straight from Hungary. The simplest description is that we make something (such as furniture, decorations) from things that someone else has found unnecessary. The mood is unique, different, strange, but you will love it.

Take home a piece of Torrente Ruin Pub. No need to break walls for this, we have merchandise shop for this purpose 🙂

There is also a playhouse for our little guests to have fun, and we are totally handicapped friendly, so the doors are open to everyone. We also give credit, but only in whisky, and just as long as the bartender does have patience.
About the opening time- we are always open, except when we are not, so you
are better check it out.
Finally, I have to say, the staff speaks several languages, but gestures are always an option, do not worry, we understand you. Just come!


You have to visit us if:


  • You are a fan of Torrente and Santiago Segura -you might will have a chance to meet him!
  • If you want to have a lot of fun (we think that vulgarity does not exclude entertainment, but do not drink in duty!)
  • If you looking for something more special than a draft beer
  • If you are very hungry, but really be very hungry, because we serve damn good food
  • You ought to bring your ass sometimes anyway … just to say hello … and buy a cocktail … or something.

Team Torrente- the experience is our passion.

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