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This is a hamburger of Torrente Ruin Pub what everyone is crazy about.

Here is how we make it:

Our advise: not to make more hamburgers than how many people is going to eat them, as they are enormous, so one is going to be plenty enough for one person. Ingredients for one hamburger:

    • 200g minced beef  (selected from different parts of the beef with 20-30% fat content)
    • 30g smokey hungarian sausage, if you have to time to travel to Hungary to get the sausage, then you can use any smoked sausage you find nearby
    • 1 full egg
    • 2-2 g pepper and sea salt
    • 0,5g red paprika (we use the sweet one, you can go for a little extra spice)
    • 1 slice of iceberg salad
    • a hamburger bun
    • 70g of our special homemade hamburger sauce (I am terribly sorry, but this is a secret of us, but if you come to visit us and ask the chef kindly, he might share it with you ;))
    • As a side dish we suggest 200g crispy potato wedges or coleslaw!

We make our burger meat freshly minced just before is cooked, selected 2-3 different parts of the beef, but do not worry, a good quality minced beef from the local shop will do, however in this case use only half amount of the salt, as already prepared meats usually have some salt added.

  1. Chop the sausage to tiny pieces, if you’re a bit lazy to do so, you can use a blender. Add the sausage bits to the meat, and mix them together with your hands, then shape the pattys. Each has to weight 200g and 2,5cm thick, then cook them in grill or a pre-heated pan, adding only a little amount of oil. To make them rare, each side needs 2-2 minutes cooking, medium 3-3 minutes, medium well 4-4 minutes and then to make them well done 5-5 minutes each side.
  2. Fry the egg in a pan, and sprinkle it with some paprika
  3. Cut the bun into half and place them to the grill or toaster for a couple of minutes, put the sauce on the top of the bottom part, iceberg, meat, egg and finally the bun!
  4. Plate your burgers with chips or coleslaw.
  5. ENJOY!

If you would have the original Hungarian Burger, then pop in to the Torrente Ruin Pub in Costa Adeje, Tenerife and try it for only 8,5€ all together with the chips and tell us your opinion!


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